Belarusian Women

Belarusian Women Dating Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Belarusian WomenBelarusian women are a blast to date. Stunning and brilliant is hard to find and when you do, you must cherish the opportunity. Fortunately, you’re in luck because that is all Belarus has to offer! The thing is, dating these European beauties is an entirely different experience. Below are a few dating etiquette do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. 

Do Compliment Her Choice of Dress

Belarusian women take great pride in their womanhood. They embrace their beauty, sensuality and put effort into looking their best. When you compliment her, you are addressing and showing appreciation for her hard work.

Don’t Get Physical During Initial Meetings

Belarusian women must get comfortable with a man before taking a relationship to a physical level. Even if you have been corresponding online for some time and are now meeting in person, get acquainted before making a move. 

Do Share Facts About Your Country

Belarusian women love learning about new places. Their brilliance and hunger for knowledge give you the perfect excuse to discuss all the wonderful things about your culture. Be as descriptive as you can. This will help her understand where you come from, where she may be living in the future and will encourage her to share more about her culture. Once both of you have shared, the two of you can compare, contrast and before you know it, you’ll be talking for hours. 

Don’t Treat Her Like a Western Woman

Women from Belarus like to be treated like women. On dates, Western women often opt to drive themselves to and from the date, perhaps dominate the conversation and order for themselves. When you’re with a Belarusian, you must drive her to and from the date, be very kind, courteous, lead the conversation and display your masculinity in an assertive yet not domineering way. They want a strong man who is also kind and sensitive. 

Do Look Your Best

Whether you are video chatting or traveled to meet Belarusian women, look your best. Wear nice clothing, style your hair and keep yourself well groomed. It isn’t difficult for a man to look good.