Belarussian girls vs Russian girls and how to date them

Why Eastern European women are very special

You probably made sure that finding a life partner locally is rather hard. As they say, best women are already taken, as to the others, they appear to be confused about their identity and priorities.

Only a few women are wise, mature, and responsible enough to become good wives, but what if they should also be beautiful to catch your attention? Then join international dating apps!

It’s well known that European women are best partners. Especially it comes to Eastern European mail order brides, or Slavs, who still didn’t lose their true values and principles.

Slavic women are much more proud, independent, and difficult to get than girls from Asian or Latin developing countries but they are definitely worthy of one’s efforts. Especially Belarus girls!

Exactly this ethnicity is a lullaby, not to say the factory, of model-looking, brainy, and cordial beauties who have the capacity to fall in love deeply and take care of their man to the end of time.

If you’re looking for a budget variant of wife, Slavic women probably aren’t your cup of tea, since they adore stylish clothes and good cars. However, there is great news too, so be all ears.

belarus girls

Both Russian and Belarussian women have lots of talents and gained skills so they can earn quite a bit by themselves. The best option for their mentality is having a common family business.

Of course, they expect a man to be a chief but they can play their own role too. Others feel totally ok doing small jobs like babysitting. They aren’t after the luxury life all-year-round though.

Instead, they meet the difficulties in a decent way and manage to look gorgeous even with a few pennies in their pocket. Russian mail order brides are more independent than Belarusian.

Their country is in a better economic situation and their beauty allows them to work as models, actresses, TV presenters, or tour guides. But in general, they aren’t too proud or spoiled.


How to conquer a Belarus girl

Slav girls might be hard to conquer at times and have a bit tough characters, but once they chose a man, they tend to stay with him for years, through the storms and struggles of life.

Belarusian women are usually very attractive and charismatic even in those cases when their beauty isn’t classical. They look classy and trendy no matter what they wear, even out of fashion.

Especially Belarus girls

Even in casual outfits, they have their own charm. So it’s a real pleasure to be with them in public or wake up next to girls from Belarus. They are also quite open-minded in a bed and very tender.

They are genetically programmed for a lifetime devotion so the one whose courtship was successful can be called a lucky man. Russian mail order brides lightly differ from them.

They have a stronger but also colder character which is similar to Nordic. So if it’s crucial for you that your wife is very balanced and not short-tempered or dramatic, a Russian girl may fit in it.

Men who go crazy of tall Barbies with pretty doll faces, should definitely try dating a Belarussian chick. But these women also possess wonderful inner qualities such as loyalty and faithfulness.

They respect their man’s opinion and always discuss things in the most intelligent manner. Lots of divorced men who got a negative experience with their first wives, find happiness in Belarus.

It’s easy to live peacefully with these peaceful and reasonable females. You may think that such beautiful and wise women are hard to get. But they are happy and impatient to find a good man.

By statistics, there are considerably more women than men in Belarus, plus, these women do prefer well-educated gentlemen who would treat them well. A decent Western man always has chances.

A Belarusian woman is practical enough to estimate the pros of the alliance with a foreigner and organize things in the best way. They like a man to be their admirer but they aren’t too picky.

They aren’t too stubborn either like Russian girls can be. They accept all signs of attention with a great thankfulness and grace. Such an attitude greatly motivates a man, as you can say.

Also it often leads to a happy marriage that lasts the whole life. Divorces are rare in Belarus and mostly happen on the fault of husbands. For sure, it won’t happen with a decent western man.

girls from Belarus

Extra advantages of Belarussian lovers

It’s fair to mention that Belarus mail order brides would impress you a lot. They are also tall and slim like Russians and Ukrainians but their eyes are so sparkling and playful.

They are very animated, energetic, and full of life, so you would never be bored with them. Their smiles would overshine the sunny weather! This is what American singles often seek.

For sure, such an enthusiastic haracter isn’t for any man. Phlegmatic men who like routine, would have nothing to do with Slavic girls. But very active people who are into sports, suit well.

It can be travelling, adventures, and zest for life, so the outdoor kind of person would definitely be happy with a Belarus woman. That’s why they are so popular and desirable.

As you already understood, these women’s beauty isn’t about glamorous looks and lots of makeup. They prefer natural beauty and radiate joy, so a man feels their warmth and hotness immediately.

Since all Eastern European girls are risky and adventurous, they welcome the idea of getting married with a man from another culture, moving abroad, and adapting to a new environment.

They are usually very well-educated and speak good English, but also smart enough to learn any other language if needed. They are also very flexible regarding jobs and careers.

These stunning models don’t expect a man to be their all-time sponsor. They are happy enough with little souvenirs and occasional signs of romantic courtship, so here you go.

Before you asked, we’ll reassure you that Belarusian girls are amazing lovers. They are always happy to try something new and surprise their man. What else is needed for a satisfaction?

All these traits and qualities are a good guarantee of success once you decided to take a chance with one of the Belarus beauties. There are plenty of reassuring success stories.

Although classical and family-oriented, Russian girls are a bit more feminist than their calm Belarusian peers. They respect themselves and will not tolerate sexist hints or jokes.

They want an equal relationship and shall even pay the bill if they feel so. They want the best friend first of all, without trivial man – woman games and endless compliments to their sexiness.

Russian women can easily be, and they often are, the champions in any kind of sports and they are also strong enough to be bosses of a big company, so they are fighters by nature.

Russian and Belarussian women

But since they tend to be extremely positive and harmonious, they show this side of personality only when it’s necessary or vital. So a man’s comfort depends on his self-confidence.

A very modern, many-sided, and democratic man will find them absolutely fascinating. Now, Belarusian mail order brides are much more traditional and modest. It’s important to know.

If Russian girls might accept moving faster towards an intimate stage of relationship especially if they are crazily in love, Belarusian girls are much calmer in expressing that.

Even if their feelings are very strong, they will expect their admirer to be patient and gallant as long as possible. They are totally oriented on a long-term relationship and dream about family.  

Sometimes, Belarusian ladies might be checking their pretender for months before they go further. But they aren’t feminists, absolutely. They do not accept the LGBT or threesomes either.

They are very traditional in this regard. The opposite can be perceived as an insult so these beauties are rather for old-fashioned men, or for someone who has energy to re-educate them.

If your relationship with a Belarus girl progresses nicely, you must expect being presented to her parents, close friends, and relatives. It’s very important for her that her environment accepts.

You can easily find Belarussian mail order brides in free dating catalogues online. Girls registered there, usually speak some English and live in bigger cities like Minsk.

As you can see, all Eastern European or Slavic girls really differ from each other. It’s better to think from the beginning which nationality would be better for you and what kind of girl you need.

The rest is up to you and depends on your luck or persistence, but in any case, you must know that women from this part of the world are the best girlfriends and wives ever.