Best 3 dating apps with Belarusian girls

Are Belarusian women very keen on dating apps?

It’s known Belarusian girls are beautiful in the most classical way, but westerners often wonder whether they use dating apps as frequently as modern girls from other countries?

Well, for answering this question, one has to imagine all nuances of life in Belarus. People should keep themselves busy for surviving there, but at the same time, work is always a bit slow.

It reminds typical jobs during communistic times when people were coming to work just to drink tea, chat with others, count the hours, and doing little something in between.

Of course, in such half-relaxing conditions, your potential mate from Belarus will have an opportunity to check her messenger every few hours. But they aren’t obsessed with constant checking.

The one who dates internationally, might have noticed the majority of girls in the world are a bit obsessed with their gadgets and check them every now and then, especially in Asia and the US.

As to the evenings and weekends, again, Belarussian girls’ attitude is a bit controversial. They are surely free at evening with their short working days, but they’d rather watch TV or read the book.

Belarusian people are still the most reading nation on all former USSR territory, and the most indoor type of persons, too. You may notice they’re a bit slow in their responses and their search online.

But, it doesn’t mean Belarus women aren’t interested in foreigners. They are, despite all efforts their government makes in order to keep them within their local society.

It isn’t exactly forbidden for them to date someone from abroad, but they are encouraged to give birth locally. Mothers will several children are given an apartment for good and other benefits.

It doesn’t happen anymore in Russia or Ukraine, so Belarus really stands out in this matter. But, when asked, Belarusian girls are saying then can be given a small cage while there could be a palace.

They also aren’t blind to see that Belarus basically produces only potatoes, a huge quantity of potatoes, and this vegetable is super cheap in all local markets. But can it seriously be critical?

So, the majority of these beautiful women want a better destiny for themselves and their future children, even though they’re having very calm characters and may seem a bit passive.

A bigger and bigger number of Belarusian brides is joining popular dating apps every month, so a single western man has multiple opportunities of meeting them online once he’s ready.


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Top dating apps for Belarusian affairs

It’s an old-time tradition that Belarus people value classical things, simplicity, and reliability. One can observe these three qualities in many fields in their life, including online dating.

Although there are some artist, photographers, designers in Belarus who date on the most creative and trendy applications, the prevailing mass does that on classical platforms.

The list below includes both long-existing and newer dating apps that are warmly accepted and embraced by Belarussian singles, so chose one of them and you’ll get access to many beauties.

No. 3 app. AnastasiaDate

Surprisingly, this long-existic site and app is still in favour among Belarussian models. They just like the feeling of safety provided by the intermediary, such as their local agencies.

Western men often report Belarus women are way less fraudulent than some other Eastern European girls who stick to marital agencies. It’s not in their mentality to trick someone.

Instead, they want a life partner so their behaviour is decent even on pay-per-letter platforms. However, chatting on AnastasiaDate is costly while Belarus girls are a bit reluctant in meeting up.

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No. 2 app. Mamba

This application seems unavoidable for the one interested in Eastern European dating. It hosts thousands of users from all EE countries, including Belarus where it is greatly loved.

Mamba is as simple as Tetris game, it is understandable even for beginners. Also it can be used for free, with almost all its features, which attracts girls students and women with low income.

But since smart Belarusian females care a lot about safety too, they cannot be completely satisfied with a free platform on which the administrators’ hand is almost unseen.

Belarusian girls are beautiful

No. 1 app. Brilic

This breakthrough dating app has finally combined all the advantages appreciated and desired by Belarussian women. It is simple, safe, and reliable in all meanings, but also a bit trendy.

First of all, it attracts women of Belarus with such an extra feature as dating blog. As you remember from our previous explanation, they adore to read, and they’re thoughtful.

So it makes sense to them to learn about relationships on a distance or western mentality from the dating blog in Brilic, which is in Russian by the way, before they join and try the real thing.

They also like the fact Brilic is free for ladies but a bit costly for men, which brings it closer to the elite dating apps category. It’s also a guarantee a man won’t betray with the relocation plan.

By the way, we aren’t saying Belarusian women absolutely do not accept hookuping. They can, in particular cases, and Brilic provides this option as well, so it’s really a multi-tasked app.


How to make sure a Belarusian bride is decent

Modern men’s views on womanhood, femininity, and decency quite differ nowadays. There are men who still believe a girl should be virgin before marriage, or at least have a few exes only.

There is also another category of male singles, they like the opposite thing: a flirtatious woman who is in a high demand among the others. Our jealousy can be bigger or smaller.

Well, like it was said from the beginning, Belarus women are classical in everything. The majority of them are after lasting, even lifetime relationships. It’s their way of thinking.

However, they are gradually becoming modern and open-minded, which is now mixing with their old-fashioned values. As a result, they’re ready to experiment, but only with a special man.

Romance is in these women’s heads, and surprisingly, even Soviet and post-Soviet movies were promoting romance in Belarus, including summer flings and casual affairs with a stranger.

Belarusian brides

So if one is a pickup pro and can convince them this fling will last in his memory forever, they may feel flattered and give them the allowance. But, it will be a rare exception they make.

It’s easier to determine a wife material while dating in Belarus, than in Russia or Ukraine, because the atmosphere and traditions are way more conservative. But there are some extra tips.

Always learn a girl’s views on marriage, her real ones. For example, her parents’ first acquaintance and their relationship, what does she think about that? Would she like the same and why?

Also, try discussing your future plans with her. See what appears in her mind during such a discussion. If she is shallow and discusses superficial things, it might be not your cup of tea.

But if your Belarusian girlfriend remains reasonable and discusses vital aspects such as adapting to your culture and society, learning new things, making documents, then she’s serious.

So, do not waste this unique chance to meet a perfect woman from Belarus and join one of the dating apps we suggested, or make your own research and try travelling to Minsk.