Hook up Belarusian brides and have the hottest vacation ever

The most unique traits of Belarusian women

Women in Belarus are feminine, faithful, fun, and skilful in everything. How can it be that such jewels are underestimated by their men? Well, it happens, and these beauties have to be saved!

By everything, we mean all kind of stuff we usually expect from a girlfriend or wife: listening to us well, cooking, ironing, sewing, making a house a home, and surely kissing or making love.

It’s true that Belarus is still a lullaby of true femininity and classical values. That’s probably why so many westerners chose to travel to Minsk or Gomel to meet a sexy beauty.

It’s kind of brave of them taking into account boring post-Soviet streets of Belarusian cities which have never been modernized, or a recent pro-communistic government that is never replaced.

Belarusian girl

But, it is obvious single men from the whole world do not consider it to be an obstacle, comparing to all desirable qualities of Belarussian brides. Here are some of their advantages:

·      They’re very simple like Filipina girls, but have a class and a good education.

·      They’re very calm like Baltic girls, so there are no scandals, but they aren’t cold.

·      They’re beautiful like Russian girls, but blonde hair and blue eyes prevail there.

·      They’re modest and well-behaved like Muslim girls, but aren’t too religious.

·      They’re smart and rational like American women, but never too materialistic or tricky.

This list can be continued on and on, but you already got the main idea, Belarusian women are just perfect for a westerner! Starting from their early age, they’re prepared for marriage.

It’s typical for Belarus, for example, that a six-year-old is cooking as complicated dish as Borsch, and serves to her father and siblings if a mom is sick or away. It’s an attitude.

If you ever plan to have common children with your Belarusian chosen one, be ready she’ll raise the kid with the same values, respectful and helpful like it doesn’t happen anymore in the US.

As you already understood, Belarus women tend to be a marriage material, and not hookup material, so very special pickup strategies are needed in order to seduce those hotties.


How to hookup with a Belarussian girl

hook up Belarussian brides

Typical hookup categories we all got used to, are almost absent in Belarus. Escort girls online so widely available in Russia or Belarus, can hardly be found since such sites are being blocked.

Bars and nightclubs in Minsk have nothing to do with those in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa, or Kyiv. Foreigners who visited them, report they felt like travelling back in the time machine.

These places in Belarus are less fancy, less focused on alcohol, the police is always around, moreover, there is also a so-called ethical police that fights against all kinds of prostitution!

It means, any girl who didn’t like you during your polite conversation in some public place, has the opportunity to complain about your courtship and it’ll be categorized like an abuse.

No wonder western tourists are more careful in Belarus than anywhere else in Eastern Europe. Finally, it’s hard to bribe a girl like it’s done in many other countries, since Belarus are taught to resist.

By bribing, we mean any small and innocent gifts like a chocolate bar or a single rose, and especially getting her a cocktail or two when going out. They might get suspicious!

But fear not, there are lots of success stories already both about marriage and pickup in Belarus. So what do those lucky western guys tell in order to teach us how to succeed too?

·      Always talk marriage even if it’s not your final choice, otherwise there’s no chance.

·      Make a focus on your one-woman attitude, your parents’ happy togetherness, etc.

·      Only when she’s under your charm, explain mildly westerners are sexually open.

·      The latest stage is a statement that trusting your beloved’s all hidden desires is normal.


This last one demands some smartness and philosophic state of the mind, remember Belarus women read a lot and tend to be very thoughtful. So feed them with this idea of sharing desires.

None psychologist, or a parent is able to really listen to us and accept us as we are, with all facets of our sexuality. We’re always limited by social and ethic taboos, instead of being free.

But when two people are sincerely in love, and are going to spend lifetime together, they want to erase any boundaries or taboos and release their inner self along with all wild fantasies.

So what do you like in a bed dear?.. I am the only one you can tell it to. If you build your conversation around this simple script, you’ll succeed in seducing your Belarusian smarty.


How to keep her sexual attention for the whole visit time?

Since some of Belarussian women are too traditional, they remain careful even after opening up and getting intimate. So it’s important not to cross the line, and experiment wisely.

These hookup tips work for someone who wants to stay with the same sexual partner for the whole vacation, or even considers eventual marriage but with the maximum of benefits.

It’s an art to keep your Belarus lover in a hot condition without disappointing her or scaring her away. She indeed wants to explore her own potential with your help, so enjoy this process.

For example, there’s nothing wrong for a Belarusian girl in your mutual desire to get a bit naughty in public. But only a little bit, since the ethical police is watching people.

Belarusian girl

The younger a girl is, the more chance you get she is a rebel and want to try something new. So chose some safe place, starting from the balcony of your rented apartment, and make love there.

There’s also nothing wrong from her point of view to practice the food play. Luckily, Belarusian women have watched a lot of French and other movies about the whipped cream romance.

So she will think it’s cute if you lick the cream from her body parts, and may even laugh of enjoyment. The same with jelly, melted chocolate, or whatever else that excites you.

Recently, Eastern European women started to widely practice the body sushi ritual, it’s when the set of sushi is served right on a naked girl’s body. But it’s rare common in Belarus.

It is noticed that western men aren’t very keen on eating sushi, and Minsk women are rather devoted to their national food so it isn’t for sure your couple would enjoy this kind of intimacy.

Again, younger girls as more modern ones could appreciate this particular option. However, using any prolonged food items like in designer Francesco Morackini’s fantasies, isn’t a good idea.

Drinking tequila from the girl’s navel that is highly admired in Russia, is accepted by Belarus girls only in a half of cases. They aren’t big fans of an alcohol anyway, so ask twice before you try.

Finally, you can amaze your sweetie with rose petals in a bath tub or Jacuzzi, since it’s also something she used to see in French romantic movies. Romance is a key to their sensuality.

The more rose petals you get for this nice scene, the wilder you can become when your girl is touched and pleased by the view. Many report it brought the hottest moments to them.

As you can see, even the most conservative girl can be seduced in no time and enjoyed for weeks, if to do the things right. Use your new knowledge, and travel to Belarus with no fears.